Township Board Officials

Our township board officials and staff are shown below.

Supervisor, Matt SeGraves

(517) 260-6668

The Woodstock Township Supervisor is responsible for the overall operations of the Township and its departments. Moderating board meetings, overseeing the township budget, and handling tax assessment administration, are some of the specific duties.

The supervisor is here to help with any questions or concerns regarding Township matters. He is also able to work with other municipalities and levels of government in order to help the township and the surrounding communities.

Clerk, Chari Cure

(517) 547-6598

Chari is the Woodstock Township Clerk and also the Election Official for conducting elections and maintaining election records. If you would like election information including voter registration, please click here

Treasurer, Teresa Votzke

(517) 592-8126

Property Taxes
Property taxes may be dropped off in our drop box located next to the main entrance of the building. If you would like a receipt please provide a self-addressed stamp envelope.

Sewer Bills
In order to change names on the sewer bills, please provide the Treasurer with a Closing Statement documentation or Settlement papers for our records. If it is just an address change, a letter to the Treasurer can be used.

Township Trustees

Trustee - John D. Clark
(419) 215-4575

Trustee - Michael Vischer
(517) 960-1059

Board Chairman

Board of Appeals Chairman
Twp Office: (517) 547-6598


Anthony Stockdale
(517) 547-6598 ext. 103
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